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SPICER — The Willmar Rails started strong and finished even stronger, hitting five runs in the ninth inning en route to a 9-6 comeback win Wednesday night over the New London-Spicer Twins at Green Lake Diamonds.

The Rails hit the first two runs of the game in the second inning, but the Twins responded with three runs of their own in the bottom of the frame.

With the Rails trailing 3-2 in the fifth, Ian Koosman hit a solo home run to equalize.

Wade Fischer reaches home plate for the Willmar Rails in a game against the New London-Spicer Twins on Wednesday, July 6, 2022 in Spicer.

Michael Lyne/West Central Tribune

Again it was the twins who reacted. Hunter Magnuson came home before Josh Soine followed in Koosman’s footsteps and hit a solo shot to give New London-Spicer a two-barrel lead.

The teams each traded runs in the eighth inning before the rails saw five consecutive runners make it home in the final frame.

Jayden Dierenfeld, going 1-on-4 with a double and two RBIs, hit the game-winning run for the rails.

Koosman went 2-for-4 with two carries and two RBIs. Riley Lessman led the rails with three hits.

The rails received a combined two scoreless innings from Jack Baumgart, who earned the win, and Christian Lessman, who earned the save to help end the game. The duo allowed zero hits.


Willmar Rails starting pitcher Patrick Courtney smiles at Spicer in a game against the New London-Spicer Twins at the mound on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

Michael Lyne/West Central Tribune

Willmar 020 010 015-9 12 3
NLS twins 030 000 210-6 7 2
Beat – Willmar: Ian Koosman 2-4 2b hr r-2 rbi-2, Jayden Dierenfeld 1-4 2b r-2, Wade Fischer 1-3 rbi, Zach Reierson 1-3 r, Gunnar Banks 1-3 rbi, Christian Lessman 1- 5 rbi-2, Riley Lessman 3-5 rbi, Adam Herman 0-0 rbi, Sam Etterman 1-3 2b, Josh Tinklenberg 1-1 rbi… NLS: Ben Kulset 2-5 rbi-2, Hunter Magnuson 2-4 2b rbi, Josh Soine 1-4 hr rbi-2, Derek Dolezal 2-5 r, Gavin Radabaugh 0-0 r
Pitch (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Willmar: Patrick Courtney 7-7-5-5-4-4, Jack Baumgart (W) 1-0-1-0-0-0, Christian Lessman (S) 1-0-0-0-1-0… NLS: Ben Kulset 8.2-11-9-7-2-1 (L), Jett Salonek 0.1-1-0-0-0-1

Jordan Sagedahl, Dylan Gass, Zeke Walton and Eric Gass teamed up for a no-hitter in a Corn Belt League game against the Milroy Yankees at Yankee Field in Milroy.

Sagedahl started and walked the first three innings, walking one. Dylan Gass then went two, followed by individual innings from Walton and Eric Gass. The Bullfrogs also hit two batters.

Sagedahl went offensively, going 3-on-4 with a double, a home run, two runs, and three RBIs. Tyler Hebrink, Shawn Dollerschel and Logan Swann all had two hits for Bird Island.

Bird Island 340 012 0-10 11 0
Milroy 000 000 0-0 0 0
Beat – Bird Island: Braeden Tersteeg 0-3 r hbp, Trent Athmann 0-2 r-3 rbi bb-2, Jordan Sagedahl 3-4 r-2 rbi-3 2b hr, Tyler Hebrink 2-4 rbi, Shawn Dollerschell 2-4 r rbi- 2, Aidan Elfering 1-4 rbi-2, Logan Swann 2-3 r-2 2b bb, Dylan Gass 1-2 rrbi 2b bb… Milroy: David Schmidt 0-2bb, Alex Thompson 0-1hbp, Brian Dolan 0-0hbp
Line up (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Bird Island: Sagedahl 3-0-0-0-1-5, Gass (W) 2-0-0-0-0-3, Zeke Walton 1-0-0-0-0-1, Eric Gass 1-0-0 -0-0-1 … Milroy: Aaron Mathiowetz (L) 2-5-7-7-4-3, Brock Schultz 2-2-0-0-0-1, Cole Felcyn 2-4-3-2-0-1, Nathan Deutz 1-0 -0-0-0-1

Howard Lake 6, Litchfield 1

After four innings scoreless, Howard Lake got the ball game going and scored at least one run in the next four innings en route to a North Star League win over the Blues at Optimist Park in Litchfield.

Jared Cook threw a full game for the Orphans. He conceded five hits and an unearned run, scoring six strikeouts.

Steven Heber helped energize Howard Lake by going 2-on-4 on the plate with two RBIs and hitting a run. Three other batters for the Orphans recorded two hits in the win.

Howard Lake 000 012 210-6 11 2
Litchfield 000 001 000-1 5 0
Beat – Howard Lake: Mason Macziewski 1-1 r, Garrett Zander 0-4 r, Cole Macziewski 2-5 r, Brad Bickmann 2-4 2b rbi, Jake Gruenhagen 2-5, Steven Heber 2-4 rbi-2, Moose Streich 1- 4 rbi , Jared Koch 1-4 rbi-2 … light field: Andrew Loch 1-4 r, Winky Estrada 1-1, Carson Deal 1-3, Jake Jones 2-4
Pitching (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Howard Lake: Cook (F) 9-5-1-0-2-6… light field: Joey Hyde (L) 6-6-3-3-1-2, Ben Alsleben 3-5-3-3-3-0

Starbuck 1, Breckenridge 0

Starbuck’s pitching duo, Andrew Topp and Torii Johnson, combined for nine goalless frames and eleven strikeouts to knock out Breckenridge at Marthaler Park in Glenwood.

Despite being defeated 4-2 by Breckenridge, Starbuck’s winning run came in the seventh inning when Aaron Versteeg came home from a Bucks field error.

Breckenridge starting pitcher Hunter Wamre conceded a hit and recorded five strikeouts in his six-inning outing.

Breckenridge 000 000 000-0 4 2
Starbuck 000 000 10x-1 2 0
Batting – Breckenridge: Hunter Wamre 1-4, Jack Heideman 1-4, Chris Nieto 1-4 2b, Sam Dusan 1-2 … Starbuck: Aaron Versteeg 1-3r, Mike Andreas 1-3
Pitching (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Breckenridge: Warmer 6-1-0-0-3-5, Mitch Porter (L) 2-1-1-0-1-1… Starbuck: Andrew Toop (W) 6-3-0-0-3-5, Torii Johnson 3-1-0-0-2-6

Marshall 3, Sacred Heart 1

Mitchell Bouwman hit 11 in the complete game win in a Corn Belt League teams matchup at Marshall.

Next on Friday at 7:30 p.m., Sacred Heart plays the Willmar Rails at Bill Taunton Stadium in Willmar. Marshall hosts Luverne on Friday night.

The Madison Mallards defeated the Benson Plowboys in a Land O’ Ducks League game in Benson.

Madison plays the Cottonwood Cardinals in Dawson on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Benson meets the Dumont Saints in Wheaton at 7 p.m. Friday.

SH/MACCRAY 11, Prinsburg 3

Brooks Asche hit 10 in six innings and Tyler Froland won 3-on-4 with two doubles and two RBIs in Sacred Heart/MACCRAY’s win over Prinsburg at Sacred Heart.

Asche conceded two hits and three runs earned, allowing for four walks.

Dreyer Homan went 2-on-3 with a walk and two runs and Isaac Haen was 1-on-1 with three runs, three walks and two stolen bases for the Scarlets.

Ben Ryks was 1-for-3 and Max Muzik was 1-for-2 with a run for Prinsburg.

Prinsburg 002 001 0-3 2 2
SH/MACRAY 320 420x-11 9 1
Batting – Prinsburg: Drew Duininck 0-3 rbi bb, Kadin Dehmlow 0-2 rbi bb, Josh Nelson 0-2 rbb, Ben Ryks 1-3, Skylar Zwart 0-3 rbi, Max Muzik 1-2 r, Wesley Fussy 0-2 r hbp, swart 0-2 bb … SCH/MACRAY: Camden Wolmen 0-2 r bb-3, Isaac Strommer 1-3 r-3 rbi-2 bb 3b sb, Dreyer Homan 2-3 r rbi-2 bb, Tyler Amsden 1-4 rbi-2 r, Tyler Froland 3- 4 rbi-2 2b-2, Brooks Ash 0-3 sb, Joe Heidecker 0-2 bb-2, Emery Aker 1-3 r, Carson Allex 0-0 bb, Isaac Haen 1-1 r-3 bb-3 sb -2
Pitching (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Prinsburg: Muzik (L) 2-2-5-3-6-1, Riley Broberg 3-6-6-6-3-0, No. 2 1-1-0-0-2-1… SCH/MACRAY: Ash (F) 6-2-3-3-4-10, Froland 1-0-0-0-0-2

Nathan Dell and Ryland Martin hit a five-inning no-hitter in Starbuck’s win over Tri-Town at Marthaler Park in Glenwood.

Dell walked the first four innings, hitting out three and walking four. Martin finished the fifth with a strikeout and a walk.

Dylan Alexander went 3-on-3 with two RBIs, a hit-by-pitch and a stolen base for Starbuck.

Cameron Giese drew a pair of walks for Tri-Town.

Tricity 000 00-0 0 2
Starbuck 211 15-10 10 3
Beat – Tri Town: Braden Barker 0-2bb, Isaiah Rennie 0-2bb, Marcus Forsythe 0-1bb, Cameron Giese 0-0bb-2… Starbuck: Levi Johnson 1-1 r-2 rbi-2 bb-3 sb, Jack Majerus 1-2 r-3 rbi-2 2b bb hbp sb, Dylan Alexander 3-3 rbi-2 hbp sb, Caden Larson 0-2 rbi, Noah Jensen 1-2 rbi bb-2 sb-2, Alex Panitzke 1-3 rbi 2b, Austin Weber 3-3 r-2 2b rbi sb, Thomas Poegel 0-2 r bb
Pitching (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Tri-Town: Rennie (L) 3-5-4-4-4-1, Jonas Morrison 1-5-6-5-3-1… Starbuck: Nathan Dell (W) 4-0-0-0-4-3, Ryland Martin 1-0-0-0-1-1

Game 1: St Cloud 11, Litchfield 4

The St. Cloud crush used an eight-run first inning to overwhelm Litchfield in the first game of a doubleheader late Tuesday at Dick Putz Field.

Litchfield 003 010 0-4 8 3
St. Cloud 810 002 x-11 10 1
Beat – Litchfield: J McCann 1-4 r, H Schultz 1-4 r rbi-2 3b, A Estrada 1-3 r rbi 2b sf, J Marquardt 1-2 rbi bb-2, C Starkovich 0-1 bb- 3, R. Voigt 1:4 sb, A. Medina 2:2 r, B. Schultz 1:1 … St. Cloud: J Kenning 3-4 r-3 rbi-2 2b hr, B Schmitt 0-3 r-2 bb sb, P Schulz 2-3 r bb, S Kenning 2-4 r rbi-2 2b sb, J Sheetz 0-4 r-2 sb, C Palmer 1-3 r rbi hbp, K Mork 1-2 r rbi bb, H Jokien 1-2 rbi hbp, N Theis 0-2 rbi sf
Pitching (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Litchfield: H. Schultz (L) 1-3-8-5-3-0, C. Starkovich 3-4-1-1-0-1, Voigt 2-3-2-0-0-0 … St. Cloud: E Novak (W) 4-6-3-3-2-4, S Poole 3-2-1-1-3-2

Game 2: Litchfield 5, St Cloud 3

Litchfield saved a doubleheader split with the five-inning win over St. Cloud at Dick Putz Field.

Litchfield 005 00-5 1 4
St. Wolke 101 01-3 3 2
Beat – Litchfield: J McCann 0-3 r, E Holtz 0-1 r bb-2, H Schultz 1-3 rbi-2 sb, A Estrada 0-3 r, J Marquardt 0-2 rbi bb, D Lara 0:2 bb, G. Boerema 0:1 bb, A. Medina 0:0 r bb-2 sb … St. Cloud: A Eiynck 1-2 r hbp, E Novak 0-2 r bb sb, H Burkstrand 0-2 bb, C Zabinski 0-2 r bb, K Mork 0-1 bb, S Kenning 1-1 , S. Poole 0-2 rbi bb, N. Theis 1-2 sb-2, D. Norton 0-1 bb
Pitching (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Litchfield: E. Holtz (F) 5-3-3-2-6-3 … St. Cloud: Mork (L) 4.1-1-5-3-6-6, Kenning 0.2-0-0-0-1-0

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