Keeping the player injury free and fit for series of tournaments is my target, says PV Sindhu’s physio Evangeline Baddam

If there’s one player who has shown remarkable consistency this year, it’s undoubtedly PV Sindhu. Indian badminton queen Sindhu has shown consistent performances in 2022 which has helped her win three titles so far.

The Singapore Open crown a few days ago was Sindhu’s third title this season, underscoring her impressive consistency.

World No. 7 Sindhu competed in 13 tournaments this year. Except for the Indonesia Open a few months ago, she has reached at least the round of 16 in all of them.

The 27-year-old Sindhu stormed into the semifinals four times and reached the quarterfinals three times. She is one of the most consistent players on the international circuit.

While it is commendable for Sindhu to put on a series of inspirational performances, the work of the support staff was equally important.

Shortly after winning the Singapore Open by beating China’s Wang Zhi Yi 21-9, 11:21, 21:15 in an hour-long final last Sunday, Sindhu acknowledged the invaluable role of her coaches.

One of Sindhu’s key employees is her physical therapist, Evangeline Baddam. Evangeline from Hyderabad has been associated with Sindhu as a Physiotherapist since 2019. Sindhu and Evangeline’s partnership began at the 2019 BWF World Championships in Basel and it clicked immediately as the Shuttle became World Champion.

Since 2019, Evangeline has been traveling with Sindhu and has become an integral part of the support team. They also include Korean trainer Park Tae-Sang and fitness trainer M Srikanth Madapalli.

Much credit for Sindhu’s success goes to Evangeline as she takes care of the master player with the utmost sincerity and devotion. She is someone who understands the body of Sindhu far better than anyone else in the world. Evangeline’s goal is to keep fit tournament after tournament in Sindhu.

Only speak to Sportkeeda On Wednesday (July 20) Evangeline said:

“We work according to the physiological and biomechanical needs of Sindhu. This is our main goal throughout the tournaments. Our main goal is to keep the player injury-free and fit for the next rounds.”

Evangeline is affiliated with Suchitra Badminton Academy in Hyderabad as the Principal Physiotherapist. She also admired the way Sindhu gave more than one hundred percent on the pitch.

Evangeline said:

“Being prepared is a victory in itself. It was sheer hard work from Champion PV Sindhu and the team that got us this far. We worked on every little detail on and off the pitch.

“It has been a wonderful journey working with champion and two-time Olympic medalist Sindhu. Her humility, passion and perseverance make her so easy to work with.”

She shared the details of Sindhu’s preparations and how closely they monitor the player’s every step on and off the pitch.

PV Sindhu with her handlers after Sunday's Singapore Open final.  (Image credit: Evangeline Baddam)
PV Sindhu with her handlers after Sunday’s Singapore Open final. (Image credit: Evangeline Baddam)

Pool sessions and ice baths help recovery: PV Sindhu’s physiotherapist Evangeline

According to physical therapist Evangeline, frequent swimming and ice baths helped Sindhu’s recovery process.

She added:

“We work as a team with fitness on the pitch and recovery is daily. As a sports physiotherapist, I have opted for the recovery phase with pool sessions and ice baths. And during tournaments we focus more on stretching and manipulation techniques and we basically work on muscle recovery and injury prevention.”

Sindhu has a healthy bond with her physical therapist. The duo is always seen together outside of the tournament arena. Evangeline believes that becoming friends with Sindhu will help her understand them a little better.

PV Sindhu and her support staff have returned to Hyderabad from Singapore. They will have a few days of rest before starting preparations for the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Performance of PV Sindhu in 2022

Singapore Open: Champions

Malaysia Masters: Quarterfinals

Malaysia Open: Quarterfinals

Indonesia Open: First round

Indonesia Masters: Quarterfinals

Thai Open: Semifinals

Badminton Asian Championships: Semifinals

Korean Open: Semifinals

Swiss Open: Champion

All England Championships: Pre-Quarterfinals

German Open: Pre-Quarterfinals

Syed Modi India International: Champions

Indian Open: Semifinals.

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