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In today’s NHL rumors, the Anaheim Ducks are looking for a defenseman. How much are they willing to pay to get one? Meanwhile, negotiations with David Pastrnak at the Boston Bruins drag on. The Vancouver Canucks have been told by JT Miller’s camp that there is a way to get an overtime and that a trade with Matthew Tkachuk could go ahead this week.

The ducks are looking for a defender

acc John Hoven, Anaheim Ducks GM Pat Verbeek confirmed he’s interested in adding a defender, although he wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a priority for the organization. “I don’t know if that’s a priority…I want to find someone who can take a few minutes, but I’m not sure that guy is out there right now.”

The Ducks are said to be interested in bringing Josh Manson back as a free agent. Manson re-signed in Colorado, forcing the Ducks to look elsewhere. Of the free agents who are still out there, he says they’re looking for too much runtime for a new deal.

Is there a way to keep Miller in Vancouver?

As part of a recent article by The Athletic’s Harman Dayal, he quotes Agent Brian Bartlett as saying he sees a path for JT Miller to stay with the Vancouver Canucks.

JT Miller Vancouver Canucks
JT Miller, Vancouver Canucks (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

Dayal quotes Bartlett when he writes:

I think there’s a realistic path for an overtime with the Canucks. JT loves it in Vancouver. He feels the team is improving, he loved his role there, his family likes the city. He would be on board with an extension. The part we can’t answer is what value or level the team gives it. From our side, from J.T’s side, there is one way forward on overtime, but it takes two to go tango I think.”

Source – “JT Miller’s agent discusses Canuck’s future: ‘There is a realistic path for an extension’ – Harman Dayal – The Athletic – 07/20/2022

It’s looking less and less like there’s going to be a rush from the back of the Canucks to close that deal. The market has really dried up in terms of teams spending big on players, which means the market for Miller has likely slowed in one trade as well. The Canucks also have Miller firmly in their grip for the upcoming season and the trade value won’t be much less, especially if Miller has a strong campaign.

Bruins aim to finalize Pastrnak deal

It could be some time before the Bruins and David Pastrnak agree on a new contract extension, according to Boston Hockey Now’s Jimmy Murphy. GM Don Sweeney is interested in making Pastrnak a bruin for life, but talks are said to be dragging on, according to an NHL source.

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Part of the delay according to the same source:

“I think Pastrnak and his camp are probably interested to see where things go in Boston. Lean years could soon be upon us. Does he want to belong? That could drag on or maybe get done this week. Who knows? But I don’t think it’s as certain to be done before camp as some might think.”

Could the Tkachuk trade happen within the week?

Eric Francis continued interviewing radio and TV stations Tuesday and noted that he believes a deal to send Matthew Tkachuk out of Calgary could, and likely will, happen within the week. He doesn’t see this Flames’ request for arbitration turning out to be anything other than a sign the player has already told Calgary he’s not interested in signing long-term.

No one should be surprised if within the next week or two Tkachuk trades and migrates south like Gaudreau did before him. It’s becoming a trend among American-born players – one that should serve as a cautionary tale for Canadian GMs. Through @EricFrancis:

The Flames couldn’t match an offer sheet because it means you can’t trade the player for a year. This gives Tkachuk a free hand. They cannot accept an arbitration award because the same thing will happen since an umpire’s decision cannot enter into a player’s UFA years. It’s a long-term business or trade.

As for the team most talked about when it comes to Tkachuk going elsewhere, the St. Louis Blues are the favorites, and on Oilers Now, Francis conceded that Jordan Kyrou is the most likely piece after which the Flames are asked. The Blues would have to cut their salary as they only have $600,000 to work with, and the books don’t give Kyrou enough room. A trade with Vladimir Tarasenko then becomes critical, either for Calgary as part of this package or for another team as a potential salary cap.

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