FC Arizona’s 1st season in women’s pro soccer league a learning process

Arizona FC lost 3-1 to the Santa Clarita Blue Heat on Saturday afternoon. This placed them fourth in United Women’s Soccer’s West Division, well ahead of the playoff spots.

But with that, Arizona FC made history. They became Arizona’s first semi-professional women’s soccer team and finished a season at the highest level ever played by a women’s team in the state.

In the USA, the hierarchy of professional women’s soccer starts with the National Women’s Soccer League – arguably the best women’s league in the world. Underneath, the USL operates its W-League, a mix of independent clubs and teams affiliated with the USL men’s teams.

But the USL W-League is largely confined to the East Coast, with no active teams west of Kansas City. This makes the UWS the second most important league behind the NWSL for the entire western half of the country.

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